Reading in trains and buses

My friend Amish and I were reminiscing a few weeks ago about some of our favourite settings for reading. He remembered blissfully a train ride across Canada, accompanied by a faithful pile of books. As for me, I had just been on a 6-hour bus trip, and felt like I had finally rediscovered the joy of reading. Looking up from my book midway, I clearly remember thinking “I’m cured!”.

(Although this intense rekindling with reading was certainly due in great part to the venue, I must admit that the content of the book, Wendy Lesser’s Nothing Remains the Same, was ideally suited for this sort of intense reading encounter.)

I certainly hope that Via Rail will raise its Internet connection rates so that, should I escape into reading by way of train one of these days, the availability of connectibility will not be too tempting. There are so few places of solace left…


2 responses to “Reading in trains and buses

  1. It is strange that the sense of being cut off or in between locations gives us the freedom to read. Has reading become that sort of in-between activity?

  2. Personally, I almost feel like reading (for pleasure, out of a book) is already a thing of the past, and that I have to go back in time, or to a place outside of time (such as riding on a bus or train, away from news and machines and obligations) to do it properly.

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