Another notebook note

I must try to remember which of these reading led me to this thought:

Reading could be seen as much more aligned with listening than with writing, in that in reading and listening you are a receptor, a passive participant in the act, whereas with writing there is no act of receiving — you are the active party.


One response to “Another notebook note

  1. Perhaps if it is a one-way conversation. There are certain writers whom one does read for their voices–and that voice can be much like a spoken voice: Saul Bellow comes to mind. I was even thinking that as I read Ian McEwan’s Saturday–reading this book was like listening to this engaging, thoughtful person talking about what was on his mind.
    But, then how does reading compare with movies? In movies one is passive.
    Does this not come down to ideas of media: McLuhan said writing was a hot medium whereas television was cool. What would you make of that?

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