Jumping on the Linux Bandwagon

Joining the VRE team has heightened in a very urgent way my need for a computer that can speak 2.0. My current G3 iBook has been a wonderful little friend these past years, but despite its ability to surf and help me write papers, it is barely supporting the OS 10.3.9 that is installed on it, and more often than not new versions of software I want to install need more than it can offer. (Not to mention its inability to burn CDs, play DVDs, access streamed video or run Skype, and last but not necessary least, its 12″-screen.)

So it is with much eagerness that I am about to transform my friend Kiley’s old PC (with the assistance of my OSS-Reading-Course teammate Zac) into a Linux machine (where I can be FREE to try out a variety of Open Source software), which will hopefully fill the gaps where my Mac can’t  oblige. I will keep you posted on its progress.


One response to “Jumping on the Linux Bandwagon

  1. If you need any help., let me know. My boy is a Linux pro!

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