e-Science and the Life Cycle of Research (Humphrey)

Humphrey, C. (2006), “E-science and the life cycle of research”, available at: http://datalib.library.ualberta.ca/~humphrey/lifecycle-science060308.doc

Humphrey has used  the “Life Cycle Model of ResearchKnowledge Creation” (Humphrey and Hamilton) and the “Knowledge Transfer Cucle” within it to illustrate the gaps between the various stages of information production and manipulation that make up the research process, and to draw attention to the loss of information that can so easily happen at the juncture between these phases. He has also described the many “streams of activity” involved throughout the process, the shifts of responsibility, intellectual ownership and “digital custodianship” that are unavoidable and in need of clarification so as to maintain continuity.

His main argument is that research libraries must become familiar with the full spectrum of this life cycle, and customize their services and partnerships with a view to fostering research outcomes and continued data access.


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